Effective therapy for OCD

What Types Of Therapy Proves Most Effective For OCD Recovery

Acceptance commitment Therapy differs from general cognitive behavioural therapy in that as oppose to looking for evidence against the fearful obsessive thought, one accepts the thought but changes the meaning and significance of distressing thoughts.

High Frustration Tolerance Training As Part Of Effective Treatment For OCD

Suffering with OCD can be exhausting and bewildering for both the sufferer and their loved ones. One of the difficulties that a person suffering with OCD experience is high levels of emotional arousal.

Often in many cases the anxiety becomes the very thing that people go to extreme lengths to try to switch off, by doing a compulsive behavior. The problem with this is the relief is only ever short lived. The sufferer becomes locked in vicious cycle of thought feeling followed by a behavior. .Trying to break this cycle can feel overwhelming to the sufferer. What people often are not aware of is that their solution to feel better becomes the problem. The brain is very habitual. The person develops a belief that the only way to turn off their anxiety is by doing the compulsion. Doing the compulsion only serves to reinforce their irrational core belief.