The OCD Coaching Videos

James Callner

MA, OCD Awareness Foundation President

Awareness Foundation Bio

Jim has been raising positive awareness of OCD for many years and is the founder and director of the OCD Awareness Foundation (OCDAF) in America. Jim also has extensive experience and qualifications in the film industry, which he now channels into creating short films and coaching videos to help sufferers of the condition. In addition, Jim uses his own experiences of suffering from OCD to support and educate others. Jim is also a popular author of the books: “It’s a Matter of Trust,” published in 2016, and “Positive Posts for OCD and Anxiety,” more recently published in 2021.

Mission statement

“Our mission is more than educating you and the public; it is to help you help yourself by literally showing you how to reclaim the power to manage and heal from the devastation of OCD.”

The OCD Coaching Videos

This is a place to watch some free, helpful tips and advice on regaining control over your life and combating those OCD compulsions. Enjoy exploring the page!

The Touching Tree

The Touching Tree is the first film made about a child with OCD. It was produced by The OCD Awareness Foundation and Awareness Films and Written and Directed by James Callner of the Awareness Foundation for OCD; Mr. Callner based the film on his challenges with OCD. The Touching Tree has won 8 Nation and International film awards. It intends to bring awareness and education to the public—full version on YouTube for OCD Awareness Week.

In the Shoes of Christopher

In the Shoes of Christopher is a Story About a Bully and a Boy with OCD. This film was awarded Best Independent Film from Kids First, The Coalition For Quality Children’s Media. WE are posting the full version for OCD Awareness Week.

“… an encyclopedia for treating OCD … and will help depression and anxiety disorders.”
Phil Kavanaugh, MD, Psychiatrist, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
“… heartfelt, sincere, genuine. If you or someone you know is struggling with OCD, this book is a must-have! Sending a clear message that OCD is treatable.”
Dr. Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW, Clinical Advisory Board – The International OCD Foundation
“… sure to provide OCD sufferers with a deep sense of comfort… applicable tools that could help many break free from the grips of OCD.”
Craig Shirley, Senior Therapist and Co-Founder of The OCD Treatment Centre
“Compelling, courageous, insightful, and informative.”
Donald Dufford, PhD, Director, Anxiety Treatment Services

A Note By James Callner

“This is more than a memoir of my life living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is more than my challenges and struggles with OCD. It is a book of hope, strategies, processes, tools, and solutions that I learned over several decades, which gave me my life back. I use them to this day and share them with you now. Living with OCD does not mean you cannot have a productive, happy life. You can! For all of the courageous souls who take on OCD every day as I do: This book is for you.”