OCD Group Intensive Treatment Program

Set in the heart of the Somerset countryside, Taunton is the perfect setting to access your intensive group treatment program. There are many affordable, quality accommodation options situated close to our centre so that you can focus on what’s important, making the most of your therapy with us. In addition, our group room is large, light, and comfortable, offering the perfect setting to enjoy the group process with our fellow attendees and us.

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Our upcoming group intensive dates

  • 22/07/2024 – Open to all
  • 19/08/2024 – Under 18’s
  • 09/09/2024 – Open to all
  • 14/10/2024 – Open to all
  • 11/11/2024 – Sensitive Nature OCD
19:31 02 Jul 24
Craig was the only therapist who really got me and my OCD went from 10 to 0.5. Due to him I was able to move countries, find a new job, perform well and lead a normal life.
Sharon V.
13:43 20 Mar 24
My son attended for an intensive one to one program with Sharon Davies and the change in my son was simply incredible. OCD had completely taken over his life to the point where he no longer wanted to carry on . After a smooth and caring booking process with Michelle , he arrived broken and unable to to the simplest of task but left completely transformed. After months of him suffering and trying the NHS , I found their only answer was medication and to just get on. Sharon taught him how his brain worked so he could finally make sense of it all and then built from the bottom up so with the new understanding, he was able to overcome his compulsions. Sharon gave me my son back and gave my son his life back . The centre is simply amazing and Sharon is the most incredible therapist. The whole experience has changed his life and I can not thank them enough .
Katie P.
20:59 25 Feb 24
I was in a really dark place with my OCD and had been in and out of therapy for years with nothing working. I decided to try and look for OCD specific therapy and thats where I came across The OCD Treatment Centre. I’ve been working with Christy ever since and it’s completely changed my life. She helped me understand the way I was feeling and acting was totally normal within the bounds of OCD and how to manage and cope with the intrusive and often debilitating natures of this disorder. Now 8 months on, thanks to Christy, the things that caused me so much torment for years are no longer a problem and any new ideas my OCD likes to try and conjur up, I have the tools to deal with. Cannot express enough gratitude how much this centre and Christy has helped me.
Erin S.
07:21 21 Feb 24
I recently underwent the 4 day intensive treatment course at the OCD Treatment Centre and am incredibly happy with the therapy I received. I have been in and out of various forms of therapy for the last 15 years with minimal help and my OCD getting worse and worse. Even though the course was 4 days long I can honestly say I felt I made more progress and felt more positive about recovery than any other therapy I've received over the years. Sharon was absolutely wonderful to work with and really understood what I've been going through. It really gives a wonderful foundation to start your recovery.
19:38 27 Jan 24
RichieAmazing experience. I've spent a long time searching for a therapist/treatment that would help me to truly deal with my mental health problems which have affected my life so severely over the last 7 years. Finally, I was told by a friend that this was a place that could really make a difference - and it did make a difference and has helped me enormously, far beyond I even expected. Craig is one the top professionals and therapists I've ever encountered in my search to help my mental health. Furthermore, hes a genuinely lovely bloke who made the experience enjoyable as well as life changing. Thank you so much for your help. Everyone else I met was professional and lovely and made me feel very much at home. Thank you to Michelle for making my time there even more enjoyable. I went for intensive course and it was incredibly worthwhile.
19:02 08 Jan 24
I highly recommend The OCD Treatment Centre and in particular Christy. Her understanding and support from our very first conversation marked the beginning of my recovery from what was debilitating OCD. My individual one to one online sessions were organised to fit around my work schedule allowing me to access treatment while maintaining my work commitments. Christy's warmth and compassion helped me to engage with and trust in the treatment. While I still struggle with some difficult days I now have the knowledge and strategies, thanks to Christy, to help me understand and manage my OCD without allowing it to take hold of my life in the same way as before.
Ashley G.
22:01 09 Dec 23
The ocd treatment centre have change my life completely, from struggling to get out of bed with crippling ocd to get back to work and smashing personal goals, thank you
George B.
11:06 09 Dec 23
VERY POOR. There were a lot of false promises made by them. As a result I visited their centre in Taunton in 2018 for 5 days (though they were only half days which I found strange & some were even at the therapists own flat). The treatment given made virtually no difference to my OCD whatsoever. I repeatedly asked for a refund which was repeatedly refused. I see there are other bad reviews about them. I would read them carefully
Sophie J.
12:58 27 Sep 23
I would highly recommend anyone with OCD to seek support through the OCD treatment centre. Craig is so knowledgeable in the most up to date treatments for OCD and has a warm and personable manner that enables a good rapport during treatment sessions.I accessed individual one to one sessions that were delivered via video call, at times to suit my work. This worked well for me and ensured I was able to continue therapy with my day to day time constraints.I cannot thank Craig and the OCD treatment centre enough. 🙂
Lizzie B.
12:51 30 Aug 23
Amazing week and felt I came away with a lot of life changing support, information and help for my son, would highly recommend these incredible people
Kim J.
17:31 19 Aug 23
II have been suffering from ROCD for many years. I’ve spent those years going to GPs and different counsellors who have not been able to help and just gave me treatment for depression. I really was losing hope until I read an article on our ROCD and felt like I’d written the article myself it was so like me. I then decided to ring the Taunton OCD treatment centre and have an initial assessment. My initial assessment was with Christy. Right away she understood what I was saying and was supportive. She had great knowledge of OCD and how it affects your brain. I’ve been having one-to-one therapy with Christy over the last few months and she has completely changed my life for the better. Her support and empathy has been amazing. I now have the skills to deal with my OCD . It’s hard work but the encouragement and my trust in her knowledge has kept me going. I know I will get bad days, but I am truly aware of what I can do to help those days and get better. Thank you
12:06 10 Aug 23
Course was ok, but didnt really help, follow up was shocking, almost as if theyd washed their hands of me.
Myrna R.
23:43 17 May 23
14:53 10 May 23
I had the intensive one to one therapy with Sonal and with her help, I took back the power OCD had took from me. I’m 24 and I’ve been suffering from debilitating harm OCD for 12 years and coming to the treatment centre changed my life for the better. Initially I was terrified of going as it was a last resort and I’d been struggling for so long (with CBT being ineffective for years) but as soon as I entered the building, I was put at ease by the lovely staff. Sonal explained everything very clearly, from how the OCD brain works to how how our core beliefs influence OCD. The fact that the centre doesn’t have a clinical atmosphere helped loads and helped me relax. Her sensitivity and support was evident from the beginning and she was there every step of the way when I was doing exposure work. I can’t recommend this place enough if you or someone you know is struggling with OCD. It’s early into my recovery and while I have bad days (I was told that recovery is imperfect), I feel better equipped to manage my OCD and am so thankful I went. I got a tattoo to commentate my time here (it’s reminiscent of the logo) so I’m always reminded of the help Sonal gave me and that recovery is possible.
Jeanette Always L.
18:26 25 Feb 23
Craig is a wonderful therapist. It has been a life changing experience meeting him. From the start he gave me hope that I could overcome this illness. The centre provides plenty of practical ways to deal with OCD. They don't just tell you what to do, they tell you how to do it. I highly recommend Craig and the centre to anyone suffering from OCD.
Katie B.
17:19 14 Nov 22
If I could give this place 100 stars I would! I genuinely think the centre has saved my life. I spent a full week doing the intensive programme with Sonal and it was life-changing. I learnt so much about OCD and left with all the skills, knowledge and actions to take to aid my recovery. I know it will not be an overnight fix and I have to put in the work but I now feel so motivated to do so! For those suffering with OCD, this is the place to go. Everyone I met was so lovely, empathetic and could not do enough for me! Sonal - you are amazing, thank you for everything. I am ready to fight this OCD bully!
Simon B.
18:08 11 Nov 22
Thanks very much to Craig Sharron and the team. True professionals, who know their subject inside out.I doubt there is anywhere else in the uk where you can get this standard of help for OCD.What really helps is they the therapists have all experienced OCD themselves, and recovered.Simon
Ana C.
22:13 19 Aug 22
I can’t express in words my gratitude for Sharon and Craig. They helped my daughter to get her life back. 6 months of ERP therapy (once a week online) didn’t help my daughter and she was getting worse, her counting/repetitive compulsions impacted her life tremendously to the point that she missed one school term and she was not able to walk normally. She was feeling hopeless. Sharon is absolutely amazing. It was an emotional journey and this experience proved how important it is to do intensive therapy and face your fears and address the core of the problem. You have to put work in -it’s not a miracle- and though it’s difficult during the treatment the outcome is worth it. We’ve learned so much and we are forever grateful to both Sharon and Craig.
Jo M.
11:43 22 Jun 22
I had the most amazing experience with the team.I have done years of therapy which while this helped with other areas, I could not get over or even slightly change my OCD. I felt this was not possible to change and I felt controlled by it.I am happy to report however, within a week intensive course with the team I am now free from nearly all of my physical OCD and I don't ruminate like I use to for hours, now it is more like minutes and I have the tools to stop myself now. I am not controlled by OCD anymore.Learning with the experts in OCD at the centre about the science around OCD has really helped me with my over coming of this, all therapists are certified BACP and true experts in the field of OCD. I was also encouraged to do this course by the amount of stunning reviews they have received and so I felt compelled to leave my own review. This has given me a new freedom and lease of life, I am exceptionally happy and relieved to have this change now 🙂 🙂
17:06 07 Jun 22
I have had OCD for so many years, and had completely lost hope until I found this clinic. I felt understood and supported from the very first chat with them, and can honestly say that this conversation filled me with hope that I could actually learn to manage this awful disorder.Although I wasn’t sure which option to go for, I ended up doing the one to one intensive program and travelled down to Taunton for the week. I was so nervous on the first day, but everyone was so lovely and made me feel at ease straight away. I knew I made a good decision.The next five days were certainly a learning curve, and I noticed a vast improvement in my symptoms throughout my time spent with my therapist. I know I still have work to do on myself, and my recovery is going to take continued commitment on my behalf, but I always knew this. I never expected a quick fix, especially for something like OCD but I now feel so much more driven, motivated and equipped to work hard at conquering my OCD. I will now make use of my follow ups, and already have my first follow up booked for next week.Thank you so much to everyone at the clinic. You were all so warm, caring and supportive during my time with you. I only wish I had found you sooner.
George M.
14:20 30 May 22
I developed OCD during my adolescence after overcoming an eating disorder at the age of 16. At the time it felt like a way to retain control and hold onto some of the strict routines that had already taken over my life.My piers were pleased to see my physical health improve and I soon learnt to hide OCD, keeping my obsessive rituals away from loved ones.OCD Eventually crept into every aspect of my life and I have carried on with the condition throughout my adult years, with my "OCD traits" often becoming a running joke amongst my friends & family. Unfortunately I never realised how serious it was; until I began to burn out and loose touch with the joys in life. At this point I reached out to Craig at The OCD Treatment Centre, desperate to find help. Right away he helped to put things in perspective and consider options.I am now determined to get my life back and overcome this disorder. After attending therapy the difference is that I understand how OCD works. I recognise the triggers and have come away with the tools I need to get better. Hearing of the therapists first hand experience with OCD has also been an inspiration.I am still a distance from recovery, however, I am on the right road, and with a little faith I will overcome OCD!I would like to thank Sonal, Sharon, & Craig. Thank you for your time, efforts & compassion, during my time at the clinic.I would recommend The OCD Centre to anyone with OCD and/or related mental health struggles.
James C.
10:04 14 May 22
I have had OCD for over 40 years and the OCD Treatment Centre has helped me recover enormously. Without their expert an experienced therapists, giving me sound, wise and doable cognitive behavioral therapy as well as exposure response therapy, I don’t think I would have the life I have now. I highly recommend OCD Treatment Centre to anyone experiencing OCD. They will help you with sensitivity and experience. – JAMES CALLNER
Emma M.
21:42 13 May 22
Took my 16 year old daughter for 1 to 1 intensive at The OCD treatment center. Team were amazing very informative and I felt I was really doing the right thing for my daughter who has been struggling with OCD and anxiety for around 4 years. Sonal was amazing she made my daughter feel comfortable immediately and helped her understand what was happening for her. Sonal could answer every question we had and give my daughter every hope she can feel better. My daughter has all the information and advice she needs and she feels supported and listened to. The hard work is still to come as my daughter needs to implement everything she has learned but we now have some hope. We will continue sessions with Sonal as have 4 free follow up sessions after intensive and thereafter we will continue. I felt my daughter was in good hands and would recommend anyone who needs help with OCD and anxiety to give them a call.
Jonny B.
17:26 28 Jan 22
I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the OCD treatment Centre. I suffered for years after trying a whole range of therapy and treatment.After losing hope, I admitted myself into the priory residential hospital in woking.I was blessed to find out about the OCD treatment Centre after coming to the end of my stay at the hospital after living there for around 6 weeks. Returning home, my parents got in touch with the ocd treatment centre. An assessment was booked and after speaking with craig my parents signed me up to the OCD group intensive treatment course.This is when my recovery truly began, and i never looked back.Nearly 2 and a half years later i can confidently say i am a different person to the one who stepped on the course back in 2019.I have now ended therapy with Craig and have some exciting plans of my own in the future with work i hope to do in this field.Having the opportunity to learn from the likes of Craig and Sharon has been a great honour and learning from people who have suffered the condition themselves makes a real life changing difference.I hope more people out there find the help they require from places like the OCD treatment centre in the future so we can prevent people like me have to suffer for so long until they find the correct help and support they desire.Thank you OCD treatment Centre and thank you Craig and Sharon, I will forever be grateful.
Andrew W.
06:48 07 Jan 22
Darren N.
17:37 29 Nov 21
My 16yr old son. Has just completed a five day intensive course, too gain control of his OCD which for the past two years has controlled not only my sons life, but the whole family. I can honestly say that since he has completed the course he has a better understanding of his brain and how OCD works, this in turn has made a massive difference too his life. The professionalism and knowledge shown towards my son by Sonal and the team was outstanding. My son still has work to do. But with the tools and advice he has been given the future looks a lot more positive..We have already seen the benefits of the therapy that my son received by 100%. We are extremely grateful that we found the treatment Center. And Sonal for her way of explaining and showing my son how too gain control of his ocd.. I can not express how grateful we are. Thank You xx
Julie D.
19:27 07 Oct 21
Highly recommended. A caring, passionate and experienced team.Anyone struggling with OCD should give the therapy a go 🙂
07:58 07 Oct 21
Craig and Sharon are brilliant therapists. They are patient, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. They truly know what it is like to have OCD so have a great understanding of how to overcome it. They have given me invaluable skills to help me with my OCD. If you have OCD and need help then the OCD Treatment Centre should be your first port of call. Many thanks Craig and Sharon!
Leah S.
15:54 03 Oct 21
After dealing with my struggles for many years, Sharon and Craig have given me the tools and confidence to regain my life back! Thank you so much you've helped me so much in a week I truly can't thank you enough!!
Mike N.
11:56 03 Oct 21
I have suffered with OCD for years. I worked with Craig, a terrific therapist; a great communicator who made it easy for me to discuss sensitive/ personal subjects. All employees at the centre have first hand experience of OCD, which means they have genuine empathy and know exactly how to handle sufferers of the condition. The intensive course has literally changed my life.
05:42 01 Oct 21
Both Craig & Sharon are exceptionally highly experienced and experts in the treatment of OCD. They are both passionate about their clients recovery. The OCD Treatment Centre I believe is undoubtedly the best OCD treatment centre In the UK for anyone suffering with this dreadful disorder.They have also appeared on the BBC this morning show. Great work guys absolutely outstanding dedication and committed to helping others break free from OCD.
Nichola F.
10:18 01 Aug 21
I can easily say that my time spent at the OCD clinic in Taunton with Sonal was extremely beneficial for not only my struggle with OCD but also my confidence. I’m most definitely thankful for the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve learnt, not only to tame my OCD but to use throughout everyday life. Thank you so much Sonal, Craig and Karen! XXX
Nicky C.
16:11 02 Jul 21
If you suffer with OCD this is the place to go. Sharon, Sonnel and Craig are amazing. They have empathy because of their own OCD struggles so are able to explain the condition perfectly and give you the tools to help with recovery. There is also explanation of how the brain works which makes the condition easier to understand. Most of all, in the group session, although hard work, we laughed until it hurt!! I will always be indebted to The OCD Treatment Centre. I think they may have saved my life xxxx
Tom M.
20:24 14 Jun 21
I have suffered for years with OCD and having tried various things in the past to no avail, I gave the 1 week intensive therapy option a go. Whilst intensive and hard work it taught me so much and has given me the tools to deal with my condition. I am so much more optimistic for the future and believe in time I will now be free if OCD. If, like me you are suffering, please consider this course. It will make you see that there is life after OCD.
11:13 10 Jun 21
I definitely recommend the OCD Treatment Centre as I've made such progression and I feel like my condition no longer has the same hold over my life as it once did. Thank you!!
14:10 27 Mar 21
I've just returned from a week long group therapy session at the OCD Treatment Centre and felt compelled to write a review to urge anybody else suffering from OCD to do the same. My life was a never ending tangle of rituals and obsessions and I was fearful that I'd always be stuck feeling this way. I'd seen numerous therapists, undergone treatments such as CBT and tried different medications to try and help my OCD to no avail. The very first time I spoke to Craig on the telephone, he instantly made me feel at ease and I felt very comforted by the fact that he too had been a sufferer of OCD because he had a thorough understanding and knowledge of the disorder and it also gave me hope that I too could overcome the obsessive rituals and magical thinking that I'd developed since my childhood.The group therapy was incredibly rewarding in terms of helping to equip me with the tools to truly understand why my brain was behaving in this way and the ways in which I can combat the negativity I'd built up around me. I feel so much lighter and ready to face my new life as somebody who is recovering from OCD. I truly feel that Sharon and Craig have both helped change my life, I'd lost all hope of ever regaining positive control over my compulsions and now, after just one week, I am feeling so much stronger and able. I can only thank them for helping me so much. Both Sharon and Craig are such warm, kind and understanding people and they really do set you at ease.I can thoroughly recommend The OCD Treatment Centre for anybody suffering from OCD, it's a true game changer in terms of treatment and I feel it will help change many lives for the positive!Thank you Sharon and Craig!Matthew Rees
Robyn E.
13:45 18 Jan 21
I was in a place where OCD had completely taken over my life, i didn't want to be alive as i had no quality of life, washing in bleach and spending every waking minute cleaning. My mum found this company and i said it wont work mum I've had hundreds of therapists it never works. I told her i would give it a go as i had nothing to lose. Within 5 days i had my life back and i am so grateful, i dont think i would be here today without this treatment, cannot recommend strongly enough!
Selin S.
22:26 09 Jan 21
So so incredibly grateful for the OCD Treatment Centre!! We were going through a very rough time as a family and had tried different therapies and approaches. Nothing worked until we found the OCD Treatment Centre. Working with Craig has literally saved us and given us so much hope that OCD can successfully be treated. Craig has been great! He is so supportive, very knowledgeable and compassionate. He made us feel so safe and helped us understand OCD on a deeper level! Working with him has been transformational! I cannot recommend their intensive treatment enough!! It was the best decision ever.
Kate P.
20:03 05 Jan 21
I can highly recommend the OCD treatment centre. I was treated by Craig and received warm, non-judgemental and highly knowledgable support. His lived experience is invaluable in understanding the funny ways OCD can work itself into your mind and life. Thank you!
01:46 04 Jan 21
I have had extreme OCD for over 10 years. Having completely missed my teenage years and being in danger of missing my 20's, I had given up hope. Craig's skill and therapeutic connection has been the starting point to my hope for a future beyond extreme OCD. Before working with Craig, I was unable to make any start on any real recovery, in any sense. Unfortunately, severe OCD renders many people vulnerable to bullying and taunting, and undermining and ridicule. I have had some very bad experiences in my personal life and also within psychiatric settings, in which I was left with unskilled and/or insufficiently skilled care, and without specialist therapy. Craig has helped me to understand the facts underpinning OCD. Through his therapy, I am learning to trust in my own ability to make change and to work with my OCD, and to understand my fears and reactions, and to work towards not letting OCD control me. Craig's knowledge, together with his unique ability to make this knowledge accessible, has been invaluable to me. His education has significantly changed how I view OCD. He has helped me to both understand the psychology and the physiology of OCD, but also to understand myself and how I have mistakenly felt protected by OCD.Craig has supported me to have the confidence to challenge the OCD thinking which traps me, whilst also appreciating myself. I trust and respect Craig and always feel understood and respected by him. The respect Craig has given me has helped me to respect and trust myself, and to expect respect towards me from others. This has helped me to rid myself of much of the shame and helplessness I had developed due to having extreme OCD, and which was destroying my confidence in myself to succeed in overcoming OCD. I am immensely grateful to Craig.
Sam N.
04:06 25 Dec 20
I had a week-long treatment with Craig in April 2019 and was so impressed. I’ve had CBT in the past but the intensive was a great mix of a few different techniques and despite having had OCD since my teens and having read up about the disorder a fair bit I still learnt loads and saw a significant improvement in my symptoms. Beyond the OCD I also found my confidence improved, which was an unexpected bonus!The concept of having treatment from someone who has recovered from OCD was something I really appreciated and made me feel that Craig really understood where I was coming from. I’d highly recommend 🙂
James N.
14:08 24 Dec 20
Sharon helped me immensely with my OCD. Her understanding of the disorder is second to none. I doubt anyone with OCD would go through the course and not find it beneficial. Would highly recommend (and have done).
12:27 23 Dec 20
The OCD Treatment centre changed my life. I did the 5 day intensive course where they taught you about the process in your brain - learning about how the brain mechanisms worked which was so enlightening and helped to understand why OCD was so challenging. The knowledge, experience, support and patience of both Craig and Sharon is something I will never forget. I continue to have 1:1 sessions which are uplifting, refreshing and help me to set goals to get rid of my OCD forever. Thank you!
06:23 23 Dec 20
For two or three years, our daughter had engaged in treatment with four therapists from across the US to little positive effect. We were at the end of our rope and nearly out of hope when we found Craig and the OCD Treatment Centre. Her progress was rapid and steady under Craig's guidance. The experience was completely transformative for my daughter and our family. He gave us our lives back.I think there are three main factors that separate Craig's approach from that of the other therapists with whom we worked. First, there is interpersonal warmth combined with the credibility that comes from being a former OCD sufferer himself. Other therapists had observed OCD behavior and had an understanding of it. But Craig understood how it *felt,* and could relate to my daughter from the standpoint of someone who had "been there." Second, his approach begins by building an absolutely solid clinical understanding of OCD in the patient, demystifying and de-stigmatizing the condition. By truly understanding the physiology of OCD, our daughter began to understand what she was experiencing and why, even if she couldn't yet escape her feelings or prevent her compulsive behavior. Third, and most important, Craig understood that our daughter's previous engagement with ERP had failed because she had not developed sufficient 'frustration tolerance' and was therefore not engaging thoroughly with the process. For ERP to work, the patient must ride the wave of anxiety caused by an exposure over the crest and back down to calm, thereby 'teaching' the mind that the anxiety trigger (the thought, the image, the action, etc.) is not a 'real' threat. I'm greatly simplifying, but that's the crux of it. Other therapists had prescribed exposures and left her to tackle them in 'homework' that she tried, but couldn't really bring herself to complete since they were so distressing to her. Craig, on the other hand, stayed with her (via Skype, anyway) through the waves of anxiety caused by the earliest exposures, supporting her and allowing her to complete the 'ride' through her anxiety, resulting in a feeling of success and accomplishment. Once she was able to see results from ERP around the edges of her OCD, she had confidence in the process and was progressively able to tackle harder and harder tasks, fulling expecting to find the process unpleasant in the moment, but willing to go through it for the benefit she knew would come.SImply put, it worked. OCD can seem like a monster, but it is ABSOLUTELY possible to overcome it with the help of the right therapist. For us, Craig was that therapist and I recommend him most highly.
Cheska L.
13:15 22 Dec 20
I came here after crisis point and having multiple rounds of therapy (cbt based) from the NHS. From the very onset I was made to feel welcome and supported. Having previously found it difficult to find a therapist that truly understood OCD- I knew I had found them within one day of the intensive course. Yes, they are highly trained and professional- but above all else Craig and Sharon have lived experience of OCD which in my book, is second to none. What more could you ask for then support from people who know exactly what you are talking about?When I left the intensive course I knew I still had a lot of work to do but I also knew that I would take the knowledge the gave me and keep it forever.It has been a few years since my treatment and I can honestly say that my recovery accelerated after the intensive course and that I am able to manage my conditions and lead a happy and fulfilling life. I can't thank the OCD treatment center enough and will always highly recommend them.Friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to support you.
Helen B.
12:28 22 Dec 20
I cannot recommend OCD treatment Centre highly enough. The support and guidance my son receives from Craig has enabled him to move into secure employment and it continues to make such a difference to his overall quality of life.
10:44 22 Dec 20
I found the OCD Treatment Centre after suffering from OCD for thirty years. I had been down various routes including CBT which didn’t help me and I was feeling desperate. I spoke to Sharon and it was amazing. She really understood what I was going through and I felt like there was finally some hope. I signed up for the intensive course and It was such a great decision. The course was amazing it gave me hope and changed my life. I found the theory and teaching really informative and helpful but the exposure therapy was absolutely key for me. The support from Craig is world class and I would recommend this course to anyone who is suffering from this debilitating condition. The difference it has made to my life has been so positive and if I get a wobble Craig is always there to get me back on track. A 5 star rating from me
Marino ..
20:02 21 Dec 20
I attended the weeks intensive week treatment course with Craig and I can truly say this gentlemen has changed my life. My OCD caused a lot of stress to my family as well as causing me hardship. After seeing Craig my life is being fulfilled. I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with any aspect of OCD to see The OCD treatment Centre as it has changed me as a person and my life. Craig is a very understanding and trustworthy guy who explains the brains process to not only help you overcome your OCD but to help you understand it. Also, 5 stars is not enough as this business truly changed my life to the point as to where I cannot thank them enough.
Hazel D.
20:02 21 Dec 20
We were in an incredibly difficult place with our son before lockdown; he could barely leave the house and was constantly washing his hands and having showers. Craig was recommended to us by a very experienced psychotherapist friend and we have been so grateful for his professionalism, compassion, insights and expertise. Our son responded so well and is so much happier, calmer and better equipped to deal with the every day demands of life. He confidently went back to school and has managed his anxiety very well since. We highly recommend Craig and his practice!
Layla P.
19:37 21 Dec 20
Craig is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate and brilliant therapist. I have had 7 therapists in my life for OCD, however Craig was the first therapist I felt had the knowledge and capability to push me towards recovery. The first time in 18 years since suffering from OCD, I felt my symptoms improve and a way forward with recovery! As well as our sessions Craig would recommend books and extra work for me to do outside of our sessions to help me move forward. I felt super comfortable chatting to Craig and after each session I felt completely in charge of my recovery! I had to pause sessions to focus on my chronic health but intend to start them up once I am able! I have recommended Craig personally to two close friends who suffer from OCD too.
18:59 21 Dec 20
The OCD centre offered me outstanding support. Sharon's knowledge, expertise and commitment to my health and wellbeing throughout treatment was exceptional, she was utterly dedicated from the minute my treatment commenced through to my full recovery. Sharon has a remarkable level of empathy and compassion which.helped form a trusting patient relationship. A very empowering experience for me, which has led me from trauma and ill health back into the workplace and enjoying and living my life to the full again. I will always be grateful to Sharon for her time and dedication to my healing. Her immense knowledge in this field has helped heal so many, I cannot recommend The OCD Treatment Centre enough, they transformed my life and will continue to help many more patients through to complete recovery.
E F.
20:22 18 Dec 20
My partner attended an intensive course here. They were quite nice and friendly but it was a little strange. Some of the sessions started in the Pub where the therapist, Sharon, ate breakfast whilst we watched. We thought it was part of the process. He did improve a little but just regressed over time. Then we found India Haylor and her practice in Kensington, London. I think, from some of Sharon's interviews, that she was treated by India. India seems to be the gold standard for OCD treatment and the experience with her was a world of difference. Very professional, very transparent and excellent. Chalk & cheese really. I think Sharon was nice and we liked her but it wasn't the treatment we expected and it didn't have the impact we would have liked. Nothing at all against them. I think they mean well.
Laura H.
16:18 01 Dec 20
There are not enough words to express how thankful I am to The OCD Treatment Centre. They literally saved my son's life!He suffered with OCD intensely for three years, where as a family we had to live segregated in the house and there were times he wanted to take his life. The mental health team said it was one of the worse cases they'd ever seen and put him on antipsychotics at 12 years old.We were desperate....then we found this centre! I called up and Sharon talked with me explaining everything, looking at options, reassuring me there was hope and letting me cry, with no judgements.My son spent five days there, on the intensive programme and I Iiterally witnessed a miracle. They work with such an advanced model, teaching about the neuroscience involved in the condition, and as soon as my son understood this, knew he wasn't crazy and recovery was completely possible, it empowered him to get well and undertake the following exposure therapy involved in the programme.They worked in a person centred way and were able to be adaptable to his needs and ways of working. They involved our family unit also, to help him get the best results, and gave us so much support, for the devastating emotional impact we'd endured through it all. Facing his fears/irrational beliefs was so challenging and painful for him and hard for me to watch, but he was given all the support and strategies needed, to get through and overcome them.After the five days and a couple of follow up phone consultations, he had recovered from the OCD he was suffering with and able to move home, doing all the things he'd been unable to before.....He's been working and built good friendships. He has just achieved a Triple Distinction Star for his BTEC Diploma and been given a Scholarship Award to go to University. He's moved in to a lovely apartment and passed his driving and motorbike tests. He can now live each day with freedom thanks to the incredible therapy, knowledge and expertise of Sharon and The OCD Treatment Centre.I also signposted my friend there, who's daughter was suffering with OCD too and she had the same life changing results, after the five day intensive programme.I'm forever grateful 🙏

Types of therapy included in the group in treatment program:

Psychoeducation of OCD symptoms

We offer clear, concise, and accurate information as part of all of our programs so that you begin to gain a deeper understanding of your OCD symptoms. Knowledge is power, and we find that this has never been truer than it is for clients struggling with OCD obsessions and compulsions.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP)

CBT and ERP are often considered the gold standard of therapy for OCD under the NICE guidelines. We use CBT to help you identify which cognitive distortions are driving your behaviour, and, more importantly, how to challenge them using exposure-response prevention techniques.

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)

REBT is an empirically supported type of Psychotherapy. Using elements of REBT, we will help you identify your irrational core beliefs that are likely to be driving your unhelpful thought patterns, emotions, and behaviours.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is an empirically supported Psychological intervention that aims to help clients accept their internal conflicts, which supports significant behavioural shifts, which is particularly important when challenging the compulsive elements of OCD. ACT also allows clients to live more meaningful lives free with less avoidance.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Learning not to believe everything the mind throws at you is crucial to managing OCD effectively. We’ll teach you several ways to disarm your OCD thoughts and create space between the triggers and the emotional, compulsive reaction using mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation techniques.

Compassionate Focussed Therapy (CFT)

Self-depreciation and self-loathing are often very strong for individuals experiencing OCD. We will teach you ways to begin liking yourself again, improving your self-esteem, confidence, and how you relate to others. It is also essential to approach aspects of ERP compassionately to ensure ERP programs are as effective as possible, subsequently leading to better and more successful therapeutic results.

Not sure if you have OCD?

Intensive Group Session FAQs

Obsessions and compulsions are central problems within OCD, and for this reason, intensive forms of therapy often correlate with better results. This kind of therapy also allows our therapists to quickly build a solid and trusting therapeutic relationship with our clients, which is a crucial component in building the trust needed for our therapist to help you successfully manage your OCD symptoms.

Your allocated therapist will be right next to you every step of the way, from the day you walk into our centre-right until the very end of your journey with us.

Dr. Saxena, a Psychiatrist at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, concluded that after patients attended intensive treatment for OCD, patients showed significant improvements in their OCD symptoms and their ability to function, based on PET scans. In addition, result success was also found in patients that had previously not responded successfully to standardized CBT. Dr. Saxena concluded: “Our study reinforced the efficacy of the treatment, and now we’ve shown how it works in the brain.”

The group process allows individuals with OCD to meet others who share the same experience, which, in itself, can be an incredibly powerful part of recovery. The group dynamic also allows us to discuss topics in a truly engaging, fun, empathic, and interactive way while also providing clients the opportunity to build meaningful relationships that help support the recovery process.
The intensive group program starts at 10.00 and finishes around 15.00 daily.
We can work with clients as young as ten years old on our intensive group programs. However, an adult must accompany group attendees that are 16 years or younger throughout the group process.
Although we recommend that the intensive program is mainly conducted with the client, there may be occasions where family members may benefit from also attending the group. This can be particularly important when there is collusion present. We will work with this case-by-case basis, so family involvement is likely different for every circumstance. There is a £50.00 surcharge per day for clients to bring family members, and we advise that no more than one family member attends the intensive group course. For clients under 16 years old, you can bring one family member free of charge.
During your last day of therapy with us, we will discuss some of the best ways of preventing relapse as you begin to transition out of our intensive program. Our intensive treatment options also include follow-up support, which you will discuss before you leave us.

For more FAQs read our complete information sheet