Pricing Guide for Therapeutic and Intensive Treatment Services

Welcome to our Prices page, where we detail the various treatment paths available to you, guided by our consultation and self-screening process. This streamlined approach ensures you have all the necessary information to make an informed choice that best suits your needs. Here, you’ll find transparent pricing and options, setting the stage for a treatment journey tailored just for you.

Assessment in person/over Telehealth (Intensive Treatment only):
£150.00 (50 minutes)

Treatment Options

Our treatment options are designed to be flexible, catering to a wide range of needs. However, it's crucial that your choice of treatment is well-informed. Therefore, our assessment process is specifically for clients considering one of our intensive treatment programs. During this assessment, we'll explore these options in depth, ensuring you fully understand which intensive treatment is most suitable for you. This ensures you are fully satisfied with our recommendation before you decide to proceed.

Group Intensive Treatment Programs

Access top-tier, OCD-specific therapy in a professional and supportive environment, alongside the chance to meet others who truly understand your journey. The group dynamic brings a unique, empowering experience of shared understanding. For comprehensive details on our Group Intensive program, visit its page on our website, where you'll find everything needed to begin.
Group Intensive Treatment Program in Taunton:

One to one Intensive Treatment Programs

Our most detailed treatment program provides a personalised experience, led by your exclusive OCD specialist therapist. For the one-to-one intensive treatment, please note that prices vary depending on location. Details regarding the upcoming available start date for this selection, as well as an individual quote, can be provided upon request.
One to one Intensive Treatment in Taunton:
One to one Intensive Treatment at your home:
From £3995.00 plus expenses (Quotes to travel to Europe/International can be provided upon request)

Individual Sessions

After finishing our consultation and self-screening process, you may schedule frequent sessions with your assigned therapist. We offer these sessions flexibly, allowing for weekly, fortnightly, or as-needed appointments.
In Person/Telehealth Session:
Clinical Lead: £130.00/Therapist: £110.00 (50 minutes)