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Beginning treatment can feel like an overwhelming one, so we’re here to make it as stress-free as possible. We are passionate about providing an empathic, caring, and professional service to every one of our clients. We are confident that you will feel that you are in good hands from your very first contact with one of our team.

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Before accessing one of our treatment options, we need to conduct an assessment. The assessment allows us to find out a little more about your symptoms and start formulating how we think we can help. By the end of the assessment, your therapist will be able to offer a therapeutic recommendation. You will also have the opportunity to ask the therapist any other questions.


Skype/Phone Assessment to access weekly online sessions

Assessment to access weekly sessions at our clinic

Assessment to access intensive treatment

Treatment Options

With truly flexible treatment options, we have something that will suit everyone.

Weekly sessions

Once you have conducted your assessment with your allocated therapist, they will book you in for your next session. Weekly sessions can be conducted on an entirely flexible basis, taking place over a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or ad hoc basis.

One-to-one Intensive Treatment

Our most intensive treatment plan, offering an individually tailored program relating to your OCD sub-types and access 20 hours of one-to-one therapy over five days, acting as an effective intervention so that you can start getting your life back once again.

Group Intensive Treatment

The group, intensive treatment, has all of the benefits of one-to-one therapy, just conducted in a slightly different way. Equally as effective as our one-to-one intensive treatment, the group program allows you to meet others with OCD creating a powerful therapeutic experience.

Why Intensive Therapy is effective for OCD

Intensive therapy for OCD has been shown to the quickest way to reduce anxiety and distress in people with Obsessive Compulsive symptoms. Due to the habitual nature of the condition, the more time spent changing unhelpful behaviour patterns, the quicker the person will start to experience recovery.

Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) has been shown to have an 80% chance of success. When conducted intensively, we believe this number is even higher. Empirical evidence shows that patients who are resistant to standard CBT regularly benefit from more intensive treatment. We certainly see this with our clients.

Our intensive treatment allows us to educate, identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs that drive the compulsive symptoms much more quickly than standard weekly treatment. For this reason, intensive treatment is our most popular option.

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am to The OCD Treatment Centre. They literally saved my son's life!He suffered with OCD intensely for three years, where as a family we had to live segregated in the house... and there were times he wanted to take his life. The mental health team said it was one of the worse cases they'd ever seen and put him on antipsychotics at 12 years old.We were desperate....then we found this centre! I called up and Sharon talked with me explaining everything, looking at options, reassuring me there was hope and letting me cry, with no judgements.My son spent five days there, on the intensive programme and I Iiterally witnessed a miracle. They work with such an advanced model, teaching about the neuroscience involved in the condition, and as soon as my son understood this, knew he wasn't crazy and recovery was completely possible, it empowered him to get well and undertake the following exposure therapy involved in the programme.They worked in a person centred way and were able to be adaptable to his needs and ways of working. They involved our family unit also, to help him get the best results, and gave us so much support, for the devastating emotional impact we'd endured through it all. Facing his fears/irrational beliefs was so challenging and painful for him and hard for me to watch, but he was given all the support and strategies needed, to get through and overcome them.After the five days and a couple of follow up phone consultations, he had recovered from the OCD he was suffering with and able to move home, doing all the things he'd been unable to before.....He's been working and built good friendships. He has just achieved a Triple Distinction Star for his BTEC Diploma and been given a Scholarship Award to go to University. He's moved in to a lovely apartment and passed his driving and motorbike tests. He can now live each day with freedom thanks to the incredible therapy, knowledge and expertise of Sharon and The OCD Treatment Centre.I also signposted my friend there, who's daughter was suffering with OCD too and she had the same life changing results, after the five day intensive programme.I'm forever grateful 🙏read more
The OCD centre offered me outstanding support. Sharon's knowledge, expertise and commitment to my health and wellbeing throughout treatment was exceptional, she was utterly dedicated from the minute my treatment commenced... through to my full recovery. Sharon has a remarkable level of empathy and compassion which.helped form a trusting patient relationship. A very empowering experience for me, which has led me from trauma and ill health back into the workplace and enjoying and living my life to the full again. I will always be grateful to Sharon for her time and dedication to my healing. Her immense knowledge in this field has helped heal so many, I cannot recommend The OCD Treatment Centre enough, they transformed my life and will continue to help many more patients through to complete recovery.read more
Craig is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate and brilliant therapist. I have had 7 therapists in my life for OCD, however Craig was the first therapist I felt had the knowledge and capability to push me towards... recovery. The first time in 18 years since suffering from OCD, I felt my symptoms improve and a way forward with recovery! As well as our sessions Craig would recommend books and extra work for me to do outside of our sessions to help me move forward. I felt super comfortable chatting to Craig and after each session I felt completely in charge of my recovery! I had to pause sessions to focus on my chronic health but intend to start them up once I am able! I have recommended Craig personally to two close friends who suffer from OCD too.read more
I attended the weeks intensive week treatment course with Craig and I can truly say this gentlemen has changed my life. My OCD caused a lot of stress to my family as well as causing me hardship. After seeing Craig my life is... being fulfilled. I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with any aspect of OCD to see The OCD treatment Centre as it has changed me as a person and my life. Craig is a very understanding and trustworthy guy who explains the brains process to not only help you overcome your OCD but to help you understand it. Also, 5 stars is not enough as this business truly changed my life to the point as to where I cannot thank them enough.read more
I found the OCD Treatment Centre after suffering from OCD for thirty years. I had been down various routes including CBT which didn’t help me and I was feeling desperate. I spoke to Sharon and it was amazing. She really... understood what I was going through and I felt like there was finally some hope. I signed up for the intensive course and It was such a great decision. The course was amazing it gave me hope and changed my life. I found the theory and teaching really informative and helpful but the exposure therapy was absolutely key for me. The support from Craig is world class and I would recommend this course to anyone who is suffering from this debilitating condition. The difference it has made to my life has been so positive and if I get a wobble Craig is always there to get me back on track. A 5 star rating from meread more
I cannot recommend OCD treatment Centre highly enough. The support and guidance my son receives from Craig has enabled him to move into secure employment and it continues to make such a difference to his overall quality of life.
I came here after crisis point and having multiple rounds of therapy (cbt based) from the NHS. From the very onset I was made to feel welcome and supported. Having previously found it difficult to find a therapist that truly... understood OCD- I knew I had found them within one day of the intensive course. Yes, they are highly trained and professional- but above all else Craig and Sharon have lived experience of OCD which in my book, is second to none. What more could you ask for then support from people who know exactly what you are talking about?When I left the intensive course I knew I still had a lot of work to do but I also knew that I would take the knowledge the gave me and keep it forever.It has been a few years since my treatment and I can honestly say that my recovery accelerated after the intensive course and that I am able to manage my conditions and lead a happy and fulfilling life. I can't thank the OCD treatment center enough and will always highly recommend them.Friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to support you.read more
For two or three years, our daughter had engaged in treatment with four therapists from across the US to little positive effect. We were at the end of our rope and nearly out of hope when we found Craig and the OCD Treatment... Centre. Her progress was rapid and steady under Craig's guidance. The experience was completely transformative for my daughter and our family. He gave us our lives back.I think there are three main factors that separate Craig's approach from that of the other therapists with whom we worked. First, there is interpersonal warmth combined with the credibility that comes from being a former OCD sufferer himself. Other therapists had observed OCD behavior and had an understanding of it. But Craig understood how it *felt,* and could relate to my daughter from the standpoint of someone who had "been there." Second, his approach begins by building an absolutely solid clinical understanding of OCD in the patient, demystifying and de-stigmatizing the condition. By truly understanding the physiology of OCD, our daughter began to understand what she was experiencing and why, even if she couldn't yet escape her feelings or prevent her compulsive behavior. Third, and most important, Craig understood that our daughter's previous engagement with ERP had failed because she had not developed sufficient 'frustration tolerance' and was therefore not engaging thoroughly with the process. For ERP to work, the patient must ride the wave of anxiety caused by an exposure over the crest and back down to calm, thereby 'teaching' the mind that the anxiety trigger (the thought, the image, the action, etc.) is not a 'real' threat. I'm greatly simplifying, but that's the crux of it. Other therapists had prescribed exposures and left her to tackle them in 'homework' that she tried, but couldn't really bring herself to complete since they were so distressing to her. Craig, on the other hand, stayed with her (via Skype, anyway) through the waves of anxiety caused by the earliest exposures, supporting her and allowing her to complete the 'ride' through her anxiety, resulting in a feeling of success and accomplishment. Once she was able to see results from ERP around the edges of her OCD, she had confidence in the process and was progressively able to tackle harder and harder tasks, fulling expecting to find the process unpleasant in the moment, but willing to go through it for the benefit she knew would come.SImply put, it worked. OCD can seem like a monster, but it is ABSOLUTELY possible to overcome it with the help of the right therapist. For us, Craig was that therapist and I recommend him most highly.read more
The OCD Treatment centre changed my life. I did the 5 day intensive course where they taught you about the process in your brain - learning about how the brain mechanisms worked which was so enlightening and helped to understand... why OCD was so challenging. The knowledge, experience, support and patience of both Craig and Sharon is something I will never forget. I continue to have 1:1 sessions which are uplifting, refreshing and help me to set goals to get rid of my OCD forever. Thank you!read more
Sharon helped me immensely with my OCD. Her understanding of the disorder is second to none. I doubt anyone with OCD would go through the course and not find it beneficial. Would highly recommend (and have done).
I had a week-long treatment with Craig in April 2019 and was so impressed. I’ve had CBT in the past but the intensive was a great mix of a few different techniques and despite having had OCD since my teens and having read up... about the disorder a fair bit I still learnt loads and saw a significant improvement in my symptoms. Beyond the OCD I also found my confidence improved, which was an unexpected bonus!The concept of having treatment from someone who has recovered from OCD was something I really appreciated and made me feel that Craig really understood where I was coming from. I’d highly recommend 🙂read more
I have had extreme OCD for over 10 years. Having completely missed my teenage years and being in danger of missing my 20's, I had given up hope. Craig's skill and therapeutic connection has been the starting point to my hope for... a future beyond extreme OCD. Before working with Craig, I was unable to make any start on any real recovery, in any sense. Unfortunately, severe OCD renders many people vulnerable to bullying and taunting, and undermining and ridicule. I have had some very bad experiences in my personal life and also within psychiatric settings, in which I was left with unskilled and/or insufficiently skilled care, and without specialist therapy. Craig has helped me to understand the facts underpinning OCD. Through his therapy, I am learning to trust in my own ability to make change and to work with my OCD, and to understand my fears and reactions, and to work towards not letting OCD control me. Craig's knowledge, together with his unique ability to make this knowledge accessible, has been invaluable to me. His education has significantly changed how I view OCD. He has helped me to both understand the psychology and the physiology of OCD, but also to understand myself and how I have mistakenly felt protected by OCD.Craig has supported me to have the confidence to challenge the OCD thinking which traps me, whilst also appreciating myself. I trust and respect Craig and always feel understood and respected by him. The respect Craig has given me has helped me to respect and trust myself, and to expect respect towards me from others. This has helped me to rid myself of much of the shame and helplessness I had developed due to having extreme OCD, and which was destroying my confidence in myself to succeed in overcoming OCD. I am immensely grateful to Craig.read more
I can highly recommend the OCD treatment centre. I was treated by Craig and received warm, non-judgemental and highly knowledgable support. His lived experience is invaluable in understanding the funny ways OCD can work itself... into your mind and life. Thank you!read more
So so incredibly grateful for the OCD Treatment Centre!! We were going through a very rough time as a family and had tried different therapies and approaches. Nothing worked until we found the OCD Treatment Centre. Working with... Craig has literally saved us and given us so much hope that OCD can successfully be treated. Craig has been great! He is so supportive, very knowledgeable and compassionate. He made us feel so safe and helped us understand OCD on a deeper level! Working with him has been transformational! I cannot recommend their intensive treatment enough!! It was the best decision ever.read more
I was in a place where OCD had completely taken over my life, i didn't want to be alive as i had no quality of life, washing in bleach and spending every waking minute cleaning. My mum found this company and i said it wont work... mum I've had hundreds of therapists it never works. I told her i would give it a go as i had nothing to lose. Within 5 days i had my life back and i am so grateful, i dont think i would be here today without this treatment, cannot recommend strongly enough!read more

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