Sonal Siqueira

CBT/ERP Therapist

As a therapist, my journey began amidst personal challenges including a significant bereavement, relationship issues, a critical health diagnosis, and experiences with OCD.

Can work with Adults & Adolescents.











Get to know Sonal Siqueira

This pivotal experience inspired me to become a therapist myself, with a focus on improving the quality of psychotherapeutic care. In my practice, I prioritise creating a safe, non-judgmental space, combining approachability and professionalism to connect with clients. Specialising in OCD treatment, I equip individuals with practical tools and knowledge for managing their condition, firmly believing in the power of practised skills for effective recovery. Guiding clients towards regaining control and achieving a fulfilling life is both my passion and a source of great fulfilment.

My path to becoming a therapist was shaped by a series of personal challenges, including a significant bereavement, relationship difficulties, a critical medical diagnosis, and intermittent struggles with OCD. These experiences highlighted the profound impact external factors can have on mental health, sparking my determination to effect change in my life.

In the midst of feeling overwhelmed, akin to a bat disoriented and hanging upside down, I realized the crucial step of taking responsibility for my own wellbeing. This epiphany set me on a quest for the right therapeutic support and tools to navigate my journey. However, an initial disappointing experience with a therapist underscored the vital importance of a strong therapist-client relationship. This interaction was a pivotal moment, fueling my decision to pursue a career in therapy, particularly driven by my desire to improve the standards and effectiveness of psychotherapeutic care.

My aspiration as a therapist has always been to create a space where individuals feel fully heard, without judgment, and are equipped with practical skills to regain control over their lives. After a persistent search, I found a professional who provided some of the essential tools I needed, setting me on a path toward hope and recovery. This journey ultimately led me to become a fully qualified therapist, specializing in OCD treatment.

In my practice, I emphasize approachability and a down-to-earth demeanor, fostering a professional yet personal connection with my clients. My therapeutic approach for OCD is twofold: providing a safe, non-judgmental environment for open discussion, and focusing on practical knowledge and tools for effective OCD management. I firmly believe in the continuous practice and refinement of these tools for successful recovery. Supporting my clients through their journey toward a more functional and fulfilling life is not only my commitment but also a source of immense satisfaction.