Rebecca Harrison, BABCP


Rebecca is a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapist as well as a BACP Accredited Counsellor. She brings a heartfelt passion to her role, offering a warm, relatable approach that makes navigating personal challenges more manageable. With a wealth of experience and a diverse toolkit of interventions, she is dedicated to crafting personalised treatment plans that align with your unique needs and aspirations.







Get to know Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca’s professional journey spans several years within the NHS therapy services, addressing a spectrum of issues including OCD, depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD. In 2018 Rebecca founded a counselling practice specialising in support for individuals overcoming the impacts of domestic and sexual abuse and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Rebecca’s personal battles with OCD in her late teens and early twenties provide her with a unique dual perspective, combining personal empathy and professional insight. This experience has taught me the importance of kindness and self-compassion, particularly when confronting one’s own challenges. To this end, Rebecca has integrated mindful self-compassion into her practice which she finds enhances the effectiveness of OCD treatments significantly.

Embracing the wisdom that ‘you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step,’ Rebecca is committed to making therapy a transformative experience for you. It is Rebecca’s privilege to accompany you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Beyond the confines of Rebecca’s professional commitments, she engages in activities that foster both physical wellness and mental relaxation. Rebecca is an avid practitioner of yoga, which not only enhances her physical well-being, but also instills a sense of inner peace and balance, essential for her demanding role as a therapist. Walking is another cherished pastime, offering her the opportunity to clear her mind and reconnect with nature. Rebecca also enjoys reading, going to the cinema and savoring a good coffee.