Parveen Hussain

Associate Therapist

I’m Asrat, often known by my middle name, Parveen, and my journey into therapeutic counselling began with a deeply personal experience. Formerly an interpreter in the NHS, my path shifted in 2020 when a loved one’s struggle with severe OCD led us to the OCD Treatment Centre.

Particular focus on working with families as well as clients. Can work with adults only.

Student Member of the BACP









Get to know Parveen Hussain

A close family member developed severe OCD, leading to a challenging period marked by their need for constant reassurance and involvement in rituals. This situation worsened due to lengthy wait times for treatment in the NHS. Seeking timely intervention, we discovered the OCD Treatment Centre and enrolled in a one-week intensive course. There, I witnessed the transformative power of specialised therapy. The knowledge, tools, and compassionate approach provided by the centre, particularly by a therapist named Sharon, brought significant improvement in my loved one’s condition. The experience of seeing them reclaim their life was deeply inspiring.

This personal experience with OCD’s impact, coupled with the remarkable recovery facilitated by the OCD Treatment Centre, motivated me to pursue a career in therapeutic counselling. I enrolled in a local course with the goal of qualifying as a counsellor, driven by a desire to aid others in overcoming similar challenges.

After three years of dedicated study, I am now a level 4 trainee counsellor. My aspiration is to work alongside the team at the OCD Treatment Centre, contributing to the lives of others as Sharon did for my family. It’s an honor to be part of a team that offers such essential support and guidance, and I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by OCD.