Christy Green

Educational Provider, Trainer & Family Specialist

Christy is a highly qualified teacher who graduated in 2011 and has held Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) since 2012. Her dynamic, inclusive, and insightful teaching style has earned her ‘outstanding’ evaluations. With a background in mental health and a wealth of experience working with adults and children with a variety of learning difficulties, Christy is well-equipped to support and educate those in need.

Can offer both Psycho-education to clients, as well as education to schools and work places. Can work with Adults & Adolescents.

National Hypnotherapy Society membership number: HYP23-00491








Get to know Christy Green

During her studies for a BSc in Psychology, she displayed exceptional leadership skills by leading and developing a voluntary counseling service for the university, with the guidance and support of fully qualified therapists. Currently, Christy is pursuing a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (Prof. Dip Psy C) & a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Her passion for education and commitment to helping others make her an exceptional asset to our team.

Christy has a personal understanding of the challenges of living with OCD, having received a diagnosis in 2016 after struggling with the disorder for several years. Her experience with therapy for severe OCD symptoms has driven her passion for improving access to high-quality treatment and raising awareness about the disorder. With her firsthand knowledge of the difficulties of OCD, Christy is well-equipped to advocate for and support those seeking help for their symptoms. She is dedicated to promoting greater understanding of OCD and ensuring that individuals have access to the resources and support they need to manage their condition, including friends, families and other professionals who may be supporting others with OCD.

Christy’s journey with OCD was a challenging one, but through determination and a commitment to finding the right treatment approach, she was able to successfully manage her symptoms. She discovered the power of an integrative treatment approach that combined various evidence-based therapies and techniques along with a strong emphasis on incorporating compassion and self-care into her treatment plan. By learning to be kind and understanding towards herself, she was able to work through her OCD in a way that was both effective and sustainable. Today, Christy is an advocate for this integrative approach alongside evidence based treatments, and is dedicated to helping others achieve the same level of success she has experienced. Through her personal story and her passion for mental health, she inspires and empowers others to take control of their OCD and live fulfilling lives.

Christy is a highly skilled and compassionate professional who is committed to improving the lives of those suffering from OCD. As part of her role supporting our clinical leads, she is helping to create and deliver a unique and effective program for clients, complete with accurate handouts and tools to support our therapeutic team, to ensure that our clients receive the best possible treatment. In addition, Christy is also dedicated to educating the wider community about OCD and its impact. She offers educational programs to schools and workplaces, as well as carer and parent sessions, to help those who support loved ones with OCD. Christy also provides one to one educational support for individuals with OCD themselves. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Christy is making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by OCD and helping to build a more supportive and understanding society.