Why Intensive Therapy?

The condition Obsessive Compulsive Disorder lends itself to intensive therapy. It’s in the name; Obsessive. The very nature of OCD is an habitual one whereby a sufferer performs the same behavior time and time again in an attempt to switch off feelings of anxiety, although that relief is only a very temporary one. In most cases OCD affects both the quality of life of the sufferer, and is very much a problem which raises its head on a daily basis. In our experience clients not only to be re-educated about the condition, but the irrational beliefs need to be challenged with behavioural work on an intensive basis, to enforce new, healthier and more flexible beliefs.

One session a week can be suitable for very mild OCD, but is rarely enough in most cases. Those that suffer from OCD know how debilitating the condition can be, and the impact it can have on even everyday tasks. For these reasons, intensive therapy is often what is needed to make quick effective steps in the right direction. Although one session a week can be beneficial, in many cases of OCD any progress that may have taken place is likely to have been undone before the next session due to the client falling in to their old patterns of behaviour At the time the client is feeling anxious, the rational mind can become dim, and the client’s behavior can go beyond cognition or rationality. This is the reason why, as most people that suffer from OCD will know, at least to some degree that their behavior is irrational, yet they struggle to resist the urge to reduce the anxiety non-the-less. On an intensive level, this can help you to change your relationship with anxiety more quickly, helping you to relate with the rational part of your mind more readily.

Intensive therapy not only means that the client will experience freedom from their OCD symptoms more quickly, but that results are much more likely to be long term. In our experience, those clients that undergo intensive therapy are much more likely to experience results that not only support a much better quality of life post treatment, but are less likely to have a complete remission from any further OCD symptoms. As well as being cost effective in the longer term, intensive therapy can help to build confidence and self-esteem in a short period of time.

"The OCD Treatment Centre gave me my life back. I noticed changes so quickly. After therapy I had learnt so much, and finally felt like I was ready to live my life again"

Our 5 day Intensive Program

Day 1 & 2

After starting the day with a warm welcome, we will concentrate on laying the foundation of knowledge around OCD. This includes understanding our emotions in relation to both everyday life and OCD, the role of the nervous system and the physiology behind anxiety, the identification of irrational and unhelpful core beliefs, neural plasticity education and the brain, how to break habitual patterns of behavior and teaching you how to manage stress more effectively. The main aim of the first two days are to empower and motivate you, so that you are ready to take those first important steps to reduce the amount of anxiety in your life, meaning a happier, less stressed you!

Days 3 & 4

A large part of the process over the first two days is to help you to strengthen your awareness of the condition, and to away some of the fear that is so disabling. We believe that knowledge is power, and after just the first two days we are confident that you will see how the condition of OCD, although unpleasant, is a very treatable one. This foundation of knowledge will support you, ready for the next part of the program.

The third and fourth days are about putting everything that we have learnt into action. We’ll spend some time outside of the therapy room, in the real world and stand alongside you as you begin to apply your new found tools to your own life.This is about learning more helpful ways to react to your OCD triggers, whilst implementing all of the information from the previous two days, in order to shift your behavioural responses.

Day 5

The morning will be spent introducing you to the important aspect of mindfulness and relaxation, and how you can use these tools to support emotional wellbeing and long term management over any OCD symptoms. We also cover a wide array of stress management techniques, the effect of diet on OCD and devise a short and long term life plan. We will discuss relapse prevention, and how you can successfully maintain everything you have learnt over the week in relation to addressing your emotional needs and successfully managing your OCD for good. We will also address how you would like to use your follow up sessions, to ensure that they are most beneficial after you return home from the five day intensive program.

What's also included......

Follow up sessions

You will also receive four 1 hour, or eight 30 minute follow up sessions via telephone or Skype regardless of the package you choose. We always aim to be as flexible as possible, and cater to your needs during your follow up sessions.

Home Material

An informational OCD package incorporating material from the OCD Treatment Centre intensive program will be included for you to take home with you.

Information for Family and Friends

A package for families and carers explaining the nature of OCD and information about collusion and why it is important for carers not to collude, but on how they can support their loved ones recovery in a healthy way.

24 hour support

24 hour around the clock support during the intensive programme.