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Treatment for OCD

March 25, 2014

Treatment for OCD


If your suffering on a daily basis and have tried CBT but it has not improved your OCD symptoms we can help you. When treating OCD it is important that one understands the nature of OCD. OCD fears can jump from one thing to another and although you may of had some relief from your suffering using CBT you could find that if your OCD locks on to another fear you are back to square one.

We help you to understand how OCD works so that you can become the master of yourself and not driven by the horror of OCD symptoms.

You may of tried hypnotherapy for the the treatment of OCD only to find that it has not helped either.Our Treatment for OCD programme is unique in that we have formulated a 5 Day Intensive course that will give you everything you need to combat OCD.

All of our therapist have first hand experience of having lived with and conquered OCD. We have done it so can you.

Our Treatment programme consist of the following:

OCD Education

The nervous system and stress

The Mind and Brain

Habit reversal understanding Neuroplasticity

Core beliefs using CBT and REBT

Mindfulness training


Exposure Response Prevention

Emotional needs

Relapse prevention


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