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Treatment for Intrusive Thoughts OCD

March 27, 2014

Treatment for Intrusive Thoughts OCD


Are you plagued by unwanted intrusive thoughts that come again and again causing you to feel anxious and fearful that the thoughts may mean something about you or are you afraid that you will act on the thoughts against your will.

Firstly I would like to put your mind at ease in the fact that everyone experience intrusive unwanted thoughts, its just what the brain does. We have an involuntary thought process that sends us approx 70,000 automatic thoughts a day.

Thoughts are not action and thoughts can never make a person act against their will.

Intrusive thoughts have no bearing on us. The thought is not what is causing your anxiety. It is the meaning that one attaches to such thoughts that creates one emotional distress.

We understand how scary it can be to have unwanted intrusive thoughts, When we react to any thought with hyper vigilance or a behavior, we are in fact telling our brain that this thought is important and the brain then sends you more.

No matter how long you may of suffered we can help you to break free from the chains of OCD.

Our brains can and do lie to us. This is why we say dont believe everything you think. Here is our video from you tube about some of the cognitive thinking errors that can cause distress