Intensive Options

Intensive Option 1

Group Intensive

£ 1295

Group Intensive at the Cleve

Meet other people that share the same struggles

Share your journey to recovery with others

Small numbers to ensure high quality therapy

Conducted in a relaxing, beautiful and therapeutic environment

Build friendships that can last a lifetime


Intensive Option 2

One to one Intensive

£ 1295

One to one intensive at Prometheus Psychological Centre

5 Days of one to one therapy with your own therapist

Bespoke program to suit your individual needs

A professional service, that is both safe and ethical

A private, warm environment for therapy

Easily accessible, creating less stress for you on the day


Intensive Option 3

Home Intensive

From £ 1595 + expenses

UK and International treatment

5 days of one to one therapy

A family member or friend can also share your journey with you

A bespoke program that supports your journey to wellbeing in your own environment

Flexible hours of commencing and ending therapy

All in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are!


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Frequently asked questions

What time does the intensive start?

That depends on your package. The one to one, and group intensive both start at 9.00am and we’ll normally round up the day at 14.00pm. A home intensive allows more flexibility, so we’ll discuss this with you.

How many hours a day will be spent on treatment?

During the intensive, therapeutic days will be 5 hours long, with a lunch break

Is there any way that I can split the cost?

Yes. We offer monthly payment options in 3, 6 or 12 month payment plans.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. We always welcome family or friends to be part of the recovery process if the client feels that this is going to beneficial for them. Carers and loved ones can come free of charge.

How old do you have to be to receive treatment?

We have a version of our 5 day intensive program that has been specifically adapted for children, making the program fun, interesting and engaging for people of young ages. We have worked with many children who have been extremely receptive to our treatment program.

Can I undergo an intensive program whilst on medication?

Yes. All of our intensive programs are drug free, meaning that they can be conducted alongside any medication that you may currently be taking.

The idea of treatment is a scary one, what can put my mind at ease?

All of our therapists are professional, friendly and non-judgemental. Furthermore, our therapists adhere to the BACP Code of ethics to ensure safe practice, and all of the information that you share with us will be confidential. The therapeutic environments are calm, welcoming and private to ensure your experience is a positive one, whereby you can concentrate on what’s important, overcoming your OCD.

Do I have to do 5 consecutive days?

No. Although we recommend to do the program as intensively as possible, this is your treatment, so we'll do our best to cater to your needs. We can also incorporate weekends into the program to fit around any possible chid care needs or busy schedules.

Pricing (hourly services)

Telephone sessions

£ 55 /hour

60 minute sessions with an experienced, qualified therapist

No travel costs and time spent travelling

Easy access to therapy for people with certain disabilities

Individuals can access therapy from their preffered location

Easy to fit around child care or a busy life style


Skype sessions

£ 55 /hour

60 minute sessions

Skype is a secure application, so your confidentiality os guaranteed

The benefits of face to face therapy online

Ideal for those working or living abroad



£ 55 /hour

Build a strong relationship with your therapist, face to face

A professional, warm and friendly setting

Easy access for less stressful travelling time

All our therapists practice and adhere to the BACP code of ethics

Sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis


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