Intensive Option 3-UK and International Home Intensive

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service that we can for our clients. As part of our passion for helping others, we offer the ability to undergo our full 5 day intensive program in the comfort of your own home. Whether it be due to a busy life style, child care or an extreme case of OCD, we are always happy to come to you. As part of our Home Intensive program, we are also happy to work with loved ones, carers or others that have been effected by your OCD if you so wish.

As well as being incredibly flexible, the Home Intensive Package means that clients have full access to specialist intensive therapy for OCD and anxiety, without too much interruption to their everyday lives. Therapy hours can be tailored to suit individual client needs, as well as clients having full 24 hour support for the duration of the intensive course. As with all of our intensive package, clients also get 4 hours of free follow up sessions after treatment.