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False Memory and OCD

September 26, 2013



False memories are a common symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. False memory often is a symptom that OCD sufferers can experience with Responsibility type OCD.

The imagination of OCD sufferers is heightened and very vivid. People can experience images of a frightening nature and become fearful they may of carried out a harmful act. The spike or intrusive image causes the sufferer to feel overwhelmed and the need to try and obtain certainty leads to sufferers ruminating for days, months and even years.

OCD has 2 main drivers Doubt and Certainty. Once the sufferer experiences a doubt around anything they care about the compulsion is to try and obtain certainty. There is a lot of mental rumination activity with false memory OCD.

False memory OCD comes under the category of Pure O type OCD.

Pure O type and Responsibility OCD are very treatable.

If you are suffering with False memory OCD don’t suffer in silence. Help is available

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