Tone FM OCD Radio Interview OCD Treatment Centre

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The OCD Treatment Centre radio interview on Tone FM Tauntons new radio station, with Sharon Davies and Craig Shirley. Listen below:  

Thames Path Fundraiser (294km) for HoardingUK

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HoardingUK is an organisation committed to increasing choice and control for people who compulsively hoard.  Established in 2008, HoardingUK has provided help and support for people who hoard, family, friends, neighbours, professionals and the media all on a voluntary basis.  We are committed to non-profit ideals and only started charging for our training this year! …

Tone Radio Interview with Sharon Davies

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This coming Friday 28th June 2013 Sharon Davies the founder of The OCD Treatment Centre will be Live on air on Tone Radio station. Sharon will be speaking about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the recommended  treatment for the OCD So if your free on Friday morning tune in and listen.     .

Living With Me and My OCD – Directed by Claire Watkinson

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Living with OCD

The Link below is a trailer of a documentary about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Living With Me and My OCD – Directed by Claire Watkinson     This is the trailer for Living With Me And My OCD the upcoming personal documentary about OCD and directed by Claire Watkinson (Me). It features individuals and Claire who…

The OCD Project: A book for sufferers of OCD by sufferers of OCD created by Anne Watkins

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book ocd

Here is brief summary of Anne Watkins, the creator of this project. She does some great work in raising awareness of OCD in a healthy way. Find her on Facebook here: Obsessions, Compulsions and Optimism: Introduction Over and over, I do my compulsions, and It is a huge pain. ………………………………………. Frustration when you Get the…

A new testimony from a client.

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Dear Sharon, —————————————————————————————————————– What a blessing for me that my daughter found your web site and that it specified that you dealt solely with anxiety attacks and OCD. Having been a sufferer of OCD for 55 years since the age of 11 and during those years seeing different Psychologist – Physiatrists – self help therapy…

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

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Acceptance commitment Therapy differs from general cognitive behavioural therapy in that as oppose to looking for evidence against the fearful obsessive thought,one accepts the thought but changes the meaning and significance of distressing thoughts. In our experience ACT works well for the treatment of Pure O type OCD. We have included ACT as part of…

Exposure Response Prevention

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Exposure response prevention known as ERP is a crucial element for successful treatment for OCD. The purpose of exposure work is to disprove the clients irrational core beliefs and in turn help our clients to face and overcome their irrational fears. Anxiety is a natural response to a perceived threat. Anxiety and Panic attacks are…

Effective treatment for OCD-Why CBT isn’t always enough

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Often when clients come to us for treatment they have been previously unsuccessful in finding the correct help. Many of our clients prior to having treatment with us have tried standard CBT and have found it not be to be of help. Why? Cognitive behavioural therapy can be extremely helpful at treating OCD, however it…